Is It Better To Get A Set Of Joy-Con Or A Nintendo Switch Controller Pro For Your Console?

Is It Better To Get A Set Of Joy-Con Or A Nintendo Switch Controller Pro For Your Console?

The Joy-Con controller and the Nintendo Switch controller Pro are two separate devices that share similar features. Nevertheless, all Nintendo Switch models (the original, the OLED, and the Lite) are supported by them. Joy-Cons are the specialized controllers included with the Switch and Switch OLED. The two controllers merge into one when docked or propped up against the console.

When separated, each Joy-Con may be used as a separate controller for two players in games like Super Smash Bros. As a result, they are great if you have a large family or group of friends that like playing games together, or if you need something to keep youngsters occupied on a lengthy car journey.

The Nintendo Switch controller Pro is ideal for solo gamers who prefer a more relaxed experience with games like Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The conventional feel of a gamepad makes it simpler to solve tasks in games that call for greater dexterity and quicker reflexes. ergonomic design makes it more comfortable for your hands to play for long periods of time.

Joy-Con or Pro Controller? It Depends on How You Play

The Joy-Con controllers are much lighter and more fun to play with than the Pro Controller. While the Joy-Con's awkward shape may make them uncomfortable to use for long periods of time, adult hands will benefit from textured rubberized grips. Each controller weighs roughly the same as a feather without the dock, making them far easier to transport.

A Pro Controller's battery life is double that of a Joy-Con, allowing for up to 40 hours of playtime. Due to this, they are perfect for marathon gaming sessions. Long sessions of gaming are possible without worrying about battery life if you remember to charge them in between.

The Nintendo Switch controller Pro is a high-quality gaming pad with an ideal weight and sufficient comfort for extended play periods. The Joy-Con are noticeably lacking in features, but in games like Super Smash Bros., it results in a contest between two equally skilled opponents. In Dragon Ball FighterZ, using the Pro Controller will give you a distinct advantage over your opponent.

Nevertheless, you can't go wrong with either the Joy-Con or the Pro Controller, since they both support scanning amiibo, as well as HD rumble and motion controls.

Cost Comparison of the Joy-Con and the Pro Controller

The Nintendo Switch's Joy-Con are cheaper, but that doesn't make them the superior controller. The Nintendo Switch controller Pro is unmatched in terms of design. How you plan to use the Switch will determine which of its controllers is ideal.

The Pro Controller is the best choice if you want to play solo adventures or online shooters mostly by yourself. If you choose Joy-Con, you can have four controllers ready for multiplayer action with only the pair that comes with the Nintendo Switch. Buying four separate Pro Controllers would be a costly endeavour.

The Joy Con's design and color palette, in contrast to the Pro Controller's

The Nintendo Switch's Joy-Con controllers come in a wide variety of colors and may be found easily on the websites of major merchants. There are limited-edition versions of the Pro Controller that are styled after certain Switch titles. It may be difficult to get your hands on one of these special edition Pro Controllers, so you may have to buy from a reseller at a premium.

How do you decide between the Joy-Con and the Nintendo Switch controller Pro?

You'll need extra storage space if you want to bring along all of your controllers. You may use a Pro Controller while your friends and family play using Joy-Con. It's doable; however, you could receive some strange glances if you did it. Consider the games you enjoy playing and the people you enjoy playing them with.

The following is our conclusion after giving this some thought: At the very least, invest in a Nintendo Switch controller Pro for your own usage. This way, you can use the included gamepad for regular play and also bring along the two extra Joy-Con halves to use with friends.

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