Galaxy Xbox Elite Series 2

"A great way to customize your gaming experience while playing like a pro."

Black Panther Xbox Elite Series 2

"It is must have a serious gamer who want to implement a more personal feel to the games. Feels premium enhance and just killer design."

Tokyo Ghoul Xbox Series X

"I appreciate that it has a really good grip at the back. You could tell the feel of this controller is so high quality"

All Might Switch Pro Controllers

"When I say the details of the controllers are amazing, trust me, I mean it"

Marshal Dune Xbox Series X

"This makes the best gift for holidays! It's got a nice D-pad, it's got the grips on the side and it's got a grip on the trigger. Dream Controller does allow for a mod installation kit."

Dragonball Goku Xbox Series X

"I've been looking for a modded controller for a while now and there are a lot of companies out there that do that. But what really stood out to me about Dream Controller were the incredible custom designs they offer."

Venom Xbox Series X Controller

"This remote is a game changer. I like that it's completely compatible with multiple consoles including Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Windows 10."

Rizer Green Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

"I wanted to upgrade from standard joy cons controller for more comfortable gaming experience. Real talk, it looks super cool, it has customs hydrographic designs on it that are applied professionally and it's sealed."