Minecraft: How to Install Mod for Xbox One Controller and Xbox Consoles?

Minecraft: How to Install Mod for Xbox One Controller and Xbox Consoles?

Mod for Xbox One controller for Minecraft that are compatible with the Xbox consoles may be accessed and downloaded from a dedicated website.

The procedure may be summed up as follows:

  • In order to locate a mod, you must utilise a specialised web browser.
  • The mod is downloaded and placed in the corresponding downloads directory.
  • To locate the mod for Xbox One controller and set it up, you utilise a specialised file browser.

1. Install an internet browser on your Xbox

Download "Internet Browser" from the Microsoft Store on your Xbox. The term may be dull, but it serves our purposes here well.

Then do something like this on your web browser:

  1. The Xbox button must be pressed on the controller.
  2. Choose the applications and games I've added to My Collection.
  3. To see all options, click "See all."
  4. Go to the left side and click on Apps.
  5. Launch web browser on the right.

The second step is to get My Files Explorer.

If you don't already have it, the essential programme you'll be downloading is an internet browser.

  1. Get My Files Explorer by searching for it in your web browser. To use the app, launch it.
  2. To use the app, just download it to your device and use it.
  3. When it opens, choose Get it on the App Store. This is a private connection to the Microsoft Store that cannot be accessed from inside the programme itself.
  4. Click the "Install" button at this point.

Moving on to Step 3, go to "mcpedl.com"

The final section of the guide will take you to mcpdl.com, a dependable repository of game mod for Xbox One controller.

  1. Internet browsers may be used for navigation. Just go to mcpedl.com and look around. To get the Iron Man addition for Minecraft, go to "https://mcpedl.com/bum-crops-addon/," for instance. The bumcrops demo is the last step in this training.
  2. In any case, after you've decided on a modification, it may be downloaded by going to the page's very last section. In particular, you should avoid selecting the ".zip" file.
  3. After verifying the Captcha (you're not a robot), you'll need to confirm the download again.
  4. Remember to verify the download once more. Choose ".mcaddon" as the file type, give the file a name, and hit "Save."

Fourth, access the mod for Xbox One controller file you downloaded.

Installing the update is ultimately necessary at this point:

  1. Press the controller's Xbox button.
  2. To access your notifications, tap the bell symbol in the upper right.
  3. Choosing the "Downloads" tab in your web browser will start the downloading process.
  4. If you want to download anything from your browser, you'll need to press the A button on your gamepad for each item.
  5. The ellipsis (...) button allows you to rename the current file.
  6. To access your downloaded files, choose "Downloads" under "Internal Storage" (press A to select the folder).
  7. Select the Save option when you are ready to save the mod file on your Xbox.
  8. It is time to exit the menu and end any open applications.

Method 5: Put the mod for Xbox One controller in Place

Finally, the lesson concludes with instructions on where to put the mod. To do this, we're utilizing the File Explorer program.

  1. Bring up Windows Explorer.
  2. Open up your computer's Downloads directory.
  3. Simply choose the add-on you want to install while using the mouse, and then hit the controller's Start button.
  4. Select Install.

The plug-in ought to be operational at this point. You should always check the add-download on's page to see if there are any additional steps necessary for a successful installation, since certain extensions may behave differently.

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