Is the Xbox One Controller Bluetooth?

Is the Xbox One Controller Bluetooth?

A PC or laptop may use an Xbox One controller because it has Bluetooth capability. This Bluetooth technology is only available on a select few controllers. The Xbox One controller's colorful Xbox logo indicates if Bluetooth is supported. Unlike regular Xbox One controllers, these controllers are bundled and wrapped differently. Not all controllers support Bluetooth connectivity. To connect the controller to Bluetooth, you must meet a few requirements.

The standard Xbox One controller has three iterations: 1537, 1697, and 1708. The last of them is the only one with built-in Bluetooth, making it simple to use with computers, smart TVs, and phones. The imprinted "DAY ONE 2013" on the front of the 1537 model makes it simple to identify, but at first sight, the 1697 and 1708 models are identical.

If the space around the Xbox Guide button is composed of the same material as the shoulder triggers, you're using a 1697 pad from a previous generation. You've got a 1708 model if it's made of the same plastic as the controller's front, and you can couple it with just about anything utilizing the Bluetooth standard. You may find the model number inside the battery compartment if you're still unsure about which one you're holding.

How Can I Connect My Xbox One Controller To My Personal Computer?

In the same way, you would connect anything if it were Bluetooth. Go to the PC settings, click devices, and select Bluetooth. The Xbox logo will blink if you push the little sync button on top of the pad while holding down the Guide button to turn the pad on. It should now appear as a Bluetooth device to which your PC may connect.

If you have a 1537, 1697, or first-generation Elite pad (1698), you will need to purchase an attachment. The Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows 10 lets you wirelessly connect up to eight Xbox One gamepads to a PC, headsets and all, by mimicking the radio frequency module of the Xbox One. You should be prepared to go after connecting it and pressing the sync buttons on the dongle and pad.

Once connected, the Guide button displays settings, your Xbox acquaintance list, the option to record gameplay or images, and a rudimentary performance counter that monitors CPU, GPU, and RAM consumption. The Xbox PC program must be installed in order to use Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

How Can An Xbox One Controller Be Connected To A Phone?

It is simple to set up a connection between your Xbox One controller and phone. Make sure your controller has Bluetooth connectivity first. Bluetooth is required because your phone lacks a USB port.

Next, activate the pairing mode on the controller and turn on Bluetooth on the phone. By going to the Bluetooth settings on the phone, you can then choose the controller to appear. When you click pay, your favorite games (those that support controller connectivity) should be playable.

It is advantageous since you now need a controller to play Fortnite at a friend's house. You only need a Bluetooth Xbox One controller and your phone.


To successfully connect your Xbox One controller to the PC, you must have the right controller or adapter. Bluetooth frequently isn't a standard feature on desktops and must be added. Particularly on more recent computers, Bluetooth is a typical feature. Before buying any equipment, double-check that Bluetooth is an option to ensure a seamless connection.

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