Is Xbox One Controller Compatible With Series X?

xbox one controller

Microsoft is always vocal about its goal to ensure that everything is in sync. This applies not just to games but also to equipment throughout the years. This is the result of the Xbox One controller's innovation, which supports Series X with full backward compatibility.

Moreover, several extra features even enable backward compatibility. For instance, a new share function key is situated in the center of the redesigned controller. Customers can have video recordings and screenshots of their gaming sessions with the press of a button. So get your 360 no-scopes prepared since you're about to produce a marksman video.

How To Utilize Xbox One Controller With Your Series X?

The controllers are so identical that you will not find one branded as Xbox Series X or Xbox One when you buy a new one. Instead, they are called Xbox Wireless Controllers and may be utilized with any console version.

Step 1. Switch on the controller as if you were going to use it with the Xbox One, then click the Xbox key, and it will begin to flash. Then, on the console, push the connecting option. On the Xbox Series X, the tiny, round button is situated exactly next to the front USB connection and in the exact location on the Series S.

Step 2. Next, press and hold the controller's connection key. It is near the USB connector above the controller, and the Xbox button will begin to flash fast. It must remain solid after several seconds, indicating that the controller is connected.

You may also connect the controller to your computer using a USB connection to decrease delay. If you are doing sports and combat games, everything you must do is just connect the cord to the USB connection on your controllers and the computer.

The Best Xbox One Controllers 

The following are some of the Xbox One Controllers that are compatible with Series X.

Wireless Controller

Microsoft updated the Xbox wireless controller with the launch of the Xbox Series X. Each model of the Xbox wireless controller now has smooth handles, buttons, and a smaller design. It also has a clickier D-pad that seems the same as the Xbox One controller but is structured more like a circular pad. This includes a Share button that allows you to snapshot and capture video, which is its most significant improvement.

Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller

The Xbox Elite Series 2 controller is a big step up over the first Elite controller, featuring enhanced trigger and hand handles, revised trigger controls, and adjustable stick pressure. It has all of the similar personalization choices, but instead of just two identities, there are four, one of which resets the controller to factory configurations. It also has built-in batteries, which will last up to 40 hrs, and a Bluetooth connection.

Scuf Instinct Pro

The newest Scuf Instinct Pro controller is among the most ergonomic on the market. It feels and looks almost like a conventional Xbox Series X pad. The Scuf controller's material is significantly smoother, and the backside has pleasantly textured handles. It also includes a replaceable faceplate. Unlike other Scuf controllers, the Instinct Pro is powered by AA batteries.


In keeping with Microsoft's objective to bring gamers at the core of Xbox interaction, the company has revealed that Xbox One controllers are not only compliant with the Series X, but Xbox Series X controllers will also function properly on Windows 10 PCs and Xbox One. Moreover, the Series X would also be functional with the Xbox Adaptive Controller; a mobility device meant to give gamers with impairments more flexible input choices.

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