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Can The Xbox One Controller Batteries Be Recharged?

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For your Xbox One Controller, you may use AA (LR6) batteries or the rechargeable battery package supplied with the Xbox One Play & Charging Kit.


The Xbox One Controller does not come with an inbuilt battery, in contrast to the DualShock 4 controller for the PlayStation 4 and the Pro Controller for the Nintendo Switch.


Regular AA batteries power it by default. You may use any kind or brand of battery, including larger capacity alkaline batteries. Still, a rechargeable nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery is the most cost-effective and ecologically responsible option. They are less hazardous when discarded, and, unlike previous nickel-cadmium batteries, they do not acquire battery memory.


The new Xbox One Controller utilizes the Xbox Rechargeable Battery and USB-C Cable. You can also use the Xbox One Play & Charge Package, but you won't be able to use the cable that comes with the package. You'll need to utilize a USB-C cable instead.


How Do You Recharge Your Xbox One Controller?

With the Xbox One Play & Charge Kit, you can expect your Xbox One controller to last up to 30 hours after charging its battery pack for four hours. You don't even have to put the controller down to set it. Attach your controller to the Xbox One console through the cord, and charging will begin.


Plug in the Battery Pack of Your Xbox One Controller 

  1. Open the battery compartment door on the controller.
  2. Insert the rechargeable battery pack with the connecting side aligned with the compartment's connection points. The battery is only meant to be put in this way.
  3. Replace the door with the battery compartment.


Fill the Battery

  1. Connect your charging cord to the controller's USB port on the front.
  2. Connect the opposite end of the charging cable to your Xbox's USB port.
  3. Turn on your console if it is turned off. If the console is not switched on after connecting the controller, the battery will not charge. You may, however, turn it off again if you like.


The charging cable's orange indicator light indicates that the battery is being charged. The battery is completely charged when the indicator turns white. While the batteries charge, you may play with your controller. Until the wire is disconnected, your controller sends all signals through it. When the battery is fully charged, you may use the charger cord to connect to your Xbox without wasting battery power or harming your batteries.


You may charge your battery by connecting it to any USB power source or by utilizing additional USB-certified connections. Charging times may vary.



If your Xbox battery does not charge when you plug the controller into the console via USB, it is possible that it has worn out. The lifespan of a rechargeable battery is determined by how frequently it is recharged. Perform the following checks before replacing it:

Check out the cable

  • Check that the cord is fastened properly at both ends.
  • Attempt a different line. A cable may occasionally develop a short or become sensitive to interference.
  • A standard USB to micro-USB connection is used with the Xbox One Controller & Charge Kit. To determine whether the problem is with the cord, use any USB to micro-USB cable.


Clean the contacts of the battery

Remove the battery and use a dry towel, isopropyl alcohol, and a cotton swab to clean the connections on the battery pack. The use of water or chemicals might harm the contacts.


Inspect the controller

  • Before testing the controller, insert AA batteries into it.
  • Try a different Xbox One rechargeable battery.


It is not the source of the problem if the controller works with a different battery pack or AA batteries.

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