The Best Xbox Series X Controller in 2022

best xbox series x controller

If you have an Xbox Series X or S, you should ensure you have the ideal controllers. The default Xbox controller is reliable, simple, and available to everyone. However, using a controller with more customizable features, controls, and superior ergonomics may enhance your gaming performance.

There are an absurdly large number of controller alternatives for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and the majority of Xbox One gamepad options continue to work well on the more recent systems. Do you want to own one of the best Xbox Series x controllers? Whether it's inexpensive, individualized, or provides a competitive advantage, you're sure to find something that meets your particular requirements!

1. PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller 

It is the best Xbox Series x controller at the lowest price. The ideal choice is the PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller for inconvenience since it is inexpensive yet has a robust design that can withstand any activity you put at it.

This controller resembles the conventional Series X option regarding appearance and feel. Since this is a wired alternative, the design is almost the same but weighs a little less. You'll appreciate this as a backup alternative or even your staple since the face controls are generally quite responsive and provide fantastic performance.

2. Wolverine V2 Chroma by Razer

It is the best Xbox Series x controller that can be customized to your preferences. This corded controller minimizes the latency or missing inputs that may result from a wireless connection. For the most comfortable gaming setup, you must have no trouble running the wire the 10-foot distance to your sofa.

This controller has a sturdy construction, an ergonomic shape, and a somewhat unique feel from the typical Xbox gamepad. The additional triggers, however, are not detachable, so getting used to them may take some time, unlike other pro controllers. Naturally, the Chroma moniker also implies some entertaining RGB lights.

3. Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback

It is the best Xbox Series x controller racing wheel. Racing sports games like Forza Horizon 5 are unquestionably best enjoyed with a suitable wheel configuration, such as Thrustmaster's TMX Force Feedback. Anyone traveling the empty digital road will be impressed by the affordable pricing and the robustness and sense of its elements.

Because there are only two wheels on the TMX Force Feedback, you must use the connected metal paddle shifters, like those in a genuine elevated automobile, to change gears. Instead of looking like a typical Xbox controller, the button arrangement and aesthetics resemble those of a racing car. The wheel also functions flawlessly with your PC, according to the most recent Xbox.

4. Xbox Elite Series 2

It is the best Xbox Series x controller for high-end gaming. This controller is loaded with every function an Xbox Series X/S controller might need. Although it will be expensive, you are receiving an abundant choice with high-quality, customized elements. If you'd like to leap or fire with an alternative control, you have the full ability to do so since all of the keys could be re-mapped.

The Xbox Elite Series 2 includes a built-in battery pack that'll last up to 40 hours of battery life as a wireless alternative. So you won't have to search for AA batteries anymore as you do for the Core Controller. Additionally, you can easily do it with your PC or game phone, thanks to the built-in Bluetooth connection. For a wired alternative, there is also a USB-C connector.

5. Xbox Core Controller

It is the best Xbox Series x controller, which isn’t easy to outperform. This gamepad has no unique tricks or flashy features, but is the ideal complement to your Xbox Series X/S.

The Core Controller can be connected to your Xbox via its enhanced wireless protocol, immersing you in your gameplay with reduced mistresses and latency. Unfortunately, AA batteries are required while using the controller remotely, which seems a little old-fashioned for 2022. However, a USB-C connector is available to altogether avoid the battery trouble.

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