Halloween Ghost Feather Flag - Distinctive Elegance, Durable Material, Simple Setup

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Introducing the Spooky Elegance You've Been Searching For - Halloween Ghost Feather Flag

👻🎃 Are you ready to elevate your Halloween décor to a whole new level? Look no further than our Halloween Ghost Feather Flag, available exclusively at DreamController.com! 👻🎃

🌟 Key Features 🌟

  1. Ghastly Ghost Design: Our Halloween Ghost Feather Flag boasts a unique, hauntingly beautiful ghost design that's bound to send shivers down your spine.

  2. Premium Textile Quality: Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, this flag is made from top-quality textile, ensuring long-lasting durability and vivid colors.

  3. Eerie Wall Décor: Beyond just a flag, it doubles as a striking piece of wall canvas art, setting the stage for a Halloween-themed atmosphere that'll leave your guests in awe.

  4. Easy Installation: With a convenient pole pocket and grommets, setting up your Ghost Feather Flag is a breeze. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

  5. Standard Sizing: While we're known for customization, this Halloween delight comes in a standard size to add an element of surprise to your décor.

  6. Weather-Resistant: Rain or shine, our feather flag can withstand the elements, ensuring your Halloween decorations stay spooktacular throughout the season.

🎨 The King of Customization 🎨

At DreamController.com, we take pride in being the Kings of Customization. While the Halloween Ghost Feather Flag is a standard offering, we encourage you to explore our full range of textile products, from flags to canvas art, all of which can be personalized to your heart's content. Make your Halloween experience uniquely yours!


  • 12ft x 2.5 feather flag
  • 1 15ft telescopic flagpole
  • 1 ground stake
  • 4 pieces telescopic pole kit


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