Which Joystick Should You Buy in 2023?

Which Joystick Should You Buy in 2023?

Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller, by Microsoft

Microsoft has released a new version of its highly regarded wireless Elite controller for the Xbox platform. When compared to the first-generation Elite wireless controller, this one is a significant improvement. The most visible improvement is the rechargeable battery, which may last up to 40 hours on a single charge. There is a charging dock and USB-C cable included for recharging the controller. One other significant update is the addition of Bluetooth, which allows you to link it to your mobile device so you can play games on the go, and also the Xbox controller paddles.

Multiple cosmetic and functional enhancements have been made to the Elite Series 2 controller since its predecessor. Particularly notable are the trigger buttons and handle grips. Fast pushing is no problem since the trigger buttons have a textured surface to prevent your fingers from slipping. Also, the trigger stops have been upgraded from two to three settings: normal, medium, and fast. In addition, the included Xbox controller paddles have been made smaller and more haptic to prevent accidental prodding. Additional thumbsticks and a faceted d-pad give you the freedom to play your way.

The most customization is possible with the Microsoft Xbox Elite Series 2 controller, down to the individual face buttons and triggers. Up to three separate profiles of control may be saved in the controller's internal memory. The Xbox Accessories app allows for the customization of control layouts. Each key on a standard keyboard serves a dual role since the "Shift" function may be accessed with a single key.

Controller Pro for the PowerA Fusion

When comparing pricing and performance, the PowerA Fusion Pro controller comes out on top. The fact that it is a wired controller with no wireless features contributes to its low price. Since it is pretty weighty and the buttons are highly tactile and sensitive, it feels like a quality controller.

The PowerA Fusion Pro's USB cable is detachable and about 10 feet long. Since it is always connected to the controller through a safe connection, it will never stop working. There are four magnetic Xbox controller paddles that can be swapped out and two trigger stops that can be adjusted to one of three speeds. It also includes a carrying case, two more thumbsticks (tall concave and tall convex), and anti-friction rings.

Simply click the program button and wait for the Xbox logo light to glow, then hit the button you want to remap and then the paddle you want that function on.

SCUF Prestige Controller

The SCUF Prestige controller is another Xbox controller with paddles that supports wireless connection. The left and right trigger travel may be adjusted independently using four paddles and trigger stops located on the back of the gun. Users with smaller hands may find it difficult to reach the two inner paddles due to the paddles' top-to-bottom placement.

The SCUF's trigger stops have two levels: default and fast, with fast halving the triggers' travel time. The supplied 0.9mm SCUF key may also be used to change the triggers on the SCUF Prestige. By pressing this button, you can make the triggers go down or up.

Due to the lack of a carrying cover and the diminutive size of the Mag key, the controller is prone to accidental loss. The location of the paddles may be an issue for persons with shorter fingers. Functionally, it does what it's supposed to, and the controls (both buttons and paddles) feel nice and crisp.


Our top pick for the best  Xbox controller paddles is Microsoft's Elite Series 2 controller. Among the controllers on our list, it boasts the finest mix of functionality and customizability. One disadvantage is that it may be fairly expensive. The PowerA Fusion Pro controller is the best option for people on a tight budget or who want a wired controller. At this pricing range, Power A's controller is unrivaled by any other controller on the market. It features superb build quality in addition to its simple remapping method. This controller will not let you down.

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