Why Should You Upgrade to Microsoft's Xbox Custom Elite Series 2 Controller?

custom elite series 2 controller
If you know what you are getting into, the Xbox Custom Elite Series 2 controller is worth the money.  Needless to say, neither will it make you better at your favorite game nor will it change your playstyle on the Xbox One.  However, the Xbox Elite 2 controller offers a wonderful experience because of its unique, innovative design.  The improved grips, heavier weight and button mapping will take you to a whole new world of gaming.  Both the Elite Series 1 and Series 2 controllers offer an enhanced gaming experience.  However, the improved features, like the 40-hour internal battery, four extra paddle buttons, extra thumb sticks and tension control, have increased the value and demand of the Series 2.  
How the Elite Series 2 controller is different from its predecessor, the Series 1
If you are planning to upgrade from the Xbox Elite Series 1 controller to the Xbox Custom Elite Series 2 controller, here’s what you need to know.


The Design and Component Upgrades
The Series 2 controller looks very similar to its counterpart but it feels different.  The face is soft-touch plastic while the grips are made of a sturdy, textured rubber that is easier to hold and secure.  A significant upgrade on the successor is its new paddles; they are more tactile and smaller.
The controller now has an internal rechargeable battery charged from a simple micro USB cable or the case.  The introduction of the new case allows charging of the controller when it’s plugged in.


Triggers on the Xbox Custom Elite Series 2 controller features multiple improvements.  There is a textured trigger grip that prevents your fingers from slipping off the triggers during rapid presses.  They also offer three separate toggle settings for hair triggers.  Set it to default, medium or ultra-fast for clicking the trigger at your own pace.


Xbox Accessories App Upgrade
There’s another change for the Xbox Custom Elite Series 2 controller on the UI side of things.  The Series 2 controller features customized abilities and is a lot more straightforward than the Series 1 on the Xbox accessories app.  It now allows the user to toggle all four onboard profiles, three customizable profiles and one default profile, all from the main button.  Every customizable profile features configurations and customizations depending on your requirements.
Because of the high-end paddles, it’s easier to play a wide range of games without any hassle.  One of the best things about the Series 2 controller is that you will be able to move during fights to avoid powerful attacks in the highlighted zones.
You are free to tweak your aim in the Xbox accessories app by adjusting the sensitivity curve of the stick. Are you a serious shooter fan?  If yes, you can tune both the stick’s tension and sensitivity accurately.
High-end Gamepad for a Long Run
The textured rubber grip of the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller feels better than the smooth soft-touch grip of the original.  When playing your favorite games, you won’t notice any grease.  The new coating looks like an excellent start.
It is more impressive than the Series 1 controller as it consists of adjustable tension analog sticks, an additional three programmable profiles and more choice for tweaking analog inputs.  It has a large number of moving parts and connective pieces that work perfectly.  The paddles, triggers and thumbsticks are still in top working order.
To Wrap Up
The Xbox Custom Elite Series 2 Controller is known to be one of the most sought-after controllers for many reasons.  The look, feel and experience of the accessory is entirely worth it.  Based on your game playing style and opinion on gaming accessories, make the most of your controller and take your gaming experience to the top of the world.

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