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What Xbox One Controller Do I Have?

What Xbox One Controller Do I Have?

The Xbox One controller has numerous models to choose from, necessitating several considerations before making a purchase. You may have numerous questions needing answers. There are several controller options available, ranging from official Microsoft hardware to third-party, custom-built alternatives.

Today's Best Microsoft Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 And Xbox Wireless Controller

An official controller is a way to go if you're looking for a direct replacement. These controllers were created by Microsoft and are, to say the least, extremely impressive. Microsoft makes these in different colors, and they tend to hold their value, which is helpful if you ever change your mind.

Xbox Elite Controller Series 2

Microsoft's premium controller has received a substantial upgrade and now includes thumbsticks with adjustable tension, improved triggers, rechargeable batteries, and a wireless charging dock.

Cyberpunk 2077

This limited-edition controller commends Cyberpunk 2077 by drawing inspiration from Johnny Silverhand, portrayed by Keanu Reeves. The design features an asymmetrical combination of cybernetic metal paneling and matte black.

Arctic Camo

Arctic camouflage is back with a new look, featuring white and gray patterns that support a contemporary covert appearance. The design now incorporates translucent sections that reveal the vehicle's underbody.

Phantom Magenta

Microsoft continues its line of translucent controllers with the Phantom Magenta release, distinguished by a dark pink casing that fades into black and metallic undertones.

Midnight Forces 

This redesigned shoe features the same military-inspired angular camouflage in a dark blue colourway. The pattern incorporates the third-generation silhouette and its benefits.

Dpm X019 Exclusive

Microsoft commemorated its X019 conference with a custom "Aquabrush" print that incorporated iconic London landmarks with a traditional lizard-brushstroke camouflage.

Night Ops

This combination of black, gray, and metallic gold is a modern take on military camouflage. It reintroduces Microsoft's textured triggers, debuting with PUBG and other gamepad hallmarks.

The Difference Between The Xbox One And One S Controllers

The original Xbox One controller and the One S pad came out simultaneously as the 2013 and 2016 Xbox One consoles. The primary difference between the two controllers is that the S controller includes Bluetooth, whereas the original controller does not. This has two advantages: The first is that if you want to use your controller for PC games, you can connect it directly to your computer without a dongle. Second, wireless Bluetooth headphones can be connected to the One S controller.

The new, updated controller also has a slightly improved range regarding how far it can be from your console, although the original controller has all the content you will need. The grips on the One S controller have a slightly improved texture compared to the original's grips, which were made of uniform plastic.


The Xbox controllers interact with games, applications, and the Xbox console. Most of the time, they are used to navigating between sections of the user interface but depending on the game, they may have other functions.

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