Free Controller Games For PC You Can Try

free controller games for pc

Free Controller Games For PC You Can Try

While playing video games, using controllers, usually gamepads, or a keyboard and a mouse is a highly personal decision. Many players rely only on one sort of equipment and fiercely defend it. Free controller games for PC are typically played using a mouse and keyboard combination.

You can play video games with a gamepad, Xbox controller, PS4, or joystick. Is it worthwhile to give them a shot? It all depends on the game, its features, and the sort of gaming.

Moreover, many PC games with controller compatibility perform pretty well with other controllers or a gamepad.

Continue reading this article, and let's look at some free controller games for PC you can try.

Grand Theft 5


Mortal Kombat XL

One of the free controller games for PC is Mortal Kombat. It is regarded as one of the finest fighting games and has vicious, spectacular duels and 2v2, as well as 33 characters, each with unique characteristics. As part of the faction war, the gamers may also battle against online opponents.

The violent battle, whether against an AI opponent or other players, requires rapid and smooth movements; a gamepad is much more appropriate for this game than a mouse and keyboard combo.

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) V

Another free controller game for PC is GTA V, primarily developed for consoles. Therefore, there is a strong focus on making controllers operate like magic. The game's basic on-foot controls transition nicely to the gamepad, although driving has always been considerably better on an analog controller due to tighter speed and direction controls. The ability to tune out the control system and concentrate on the environment does wonder for immersion.

Middle Earth: Shadow of War

It is based on Tolkien's fantasy novels and provides an adventure in a dark and frightening realm ruled by evil forces. The player trains for battles, confronts adversaries, conquers countries, alters the environment, participates in combat, and much more. All this is done in third-person mode, which is considerably easier to use with a controller.

The Shadow of games functions considerably better if you have greater control over the direction your character is looking. You can quickly push many buttons without hurting your fingers, similar to the Batman: Arkham and Assassin's Creed series, from which they derive gameplay inspiration.

Dark Souls III

The Dark Souls video games from FromSoftware are well-known for having very high difficulty ratings, and the newest entry in the series lives up to that reputation. The use of a controller is recommended for this relatively easy role-playing video game, which has a lot of exciting battles. Analyzing your character's combat style, taking on enemies, using a variety of weapons, gathering materials, and other activities are all part of the game's gameplay.

The free controller games for PC have compelling features, with security as a top focus. There is no need for an RDP or a VPN for this reason. You may also use emulators in certain circumstances, and middleware software is vital in ensuring seamless operation. As a result, we recommend the free controller games for PC that you may try for personal use with no installation issues.

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