The Best Xbox One Controller in 2022

best xbox one controller

Whether you're looking for a solution ideally suited to competitive or professional gaming, a solid all-rounder that will fit any occasion, a spare for multiplayer, or to replace your regular gamepad, the best Xbox One controller has you covered.

You can be certain that these amazing Xbox One controllers will work with new-generation consoles, and their performance will be superior to that of many of the best Xbox Series X controllers.

The Top Three Xbox One Controllers

If you're looking for the best Xbox One controller, you have a fantastic chance to test anything other than the one that comes with the device. You can consider these three amazing controllers:

1. Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2

The newly launched Xbox Elite Wireless controller series 2 is ideal for those looking for maximum comfort and customization. It doesn't seem all that different from the original Elite, released in 2015, but it adds just enough new features to replace its predecessor easily. It still has features like D-pads, hair-trigger locks, and modular thumbsticks, but all three components have been re-engineered to allow all Xbox One owners to play like a pro.

When compared to other top controllers, the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 justifies its premium price by offering players over 30 different ways to play. It truly shines in these small areas, offering an outstanding gamepad choice for most Xbox One users but especially flourishing in these small places. Finally, as if that wasn't enough, the Elite Series 2 works just as well on PC as it does on Mac.

2. PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller

If you're looking for the most excellent Xbox One controller for the least amount of money, this is the one that fits you. It includes two enhanced gaming buttons and is licensed by Microsoft.

Additionally, if you prefer to play your Xbox One with a wired controller and want a dependable option, the PowerA Enhanced wired controller is worth considering. It is a wired controller that provides a competitive advantage. It has the same design as the official Xbox One Wireless controller that comes with the device.

Still, it comes in various appealing color combinations and features two advanced gaming buttons on the back. Suppose you're an eSports-focused Twitch broadcaster looking for dependability or a gamer looking for an additional gamepad to lend to a buddy for co-op play. Thus, this is the controller for you.

3. Xbox One Wireless Controller

This is the best Xbox One traditional controller. The design of the Xbox One Wireless Controller is timeless.

Furthermore, the original Xbox One Wireless controller is still considered one of the best due to its excellent build quality and a genuine D-pad, the latter of which is crucial for people who compete in fighting games. Its worth is increased even more by its seamless interoperability with Steam, Epic Games Store, and several mobile games for Apple and Android platforms.

Every controller has been utilized in various video games, covering multiple genres. The lifespan of the best Xbox One Controller is also checked whether it is wired or powered by rechargeable batteries. The same is true for any specialized software, such as drivers, that may come with the gamepad.

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