Diablo 2 Resurrected Controller: Which One Is the Best?

diablo 2 resurrected controller

Diablo 2 Resurrected Controller: Which One Is the Best?

Diablo 2 may be played on the Xbox for the first time with Resurrected. However, a controller is required. The controls may be strange to veterans, but they address a significant issue with the PC version.

However, for console gaming, a reliable controller is required. And if this is your first time playing Diablo 2 on a console, you may be seeking the best Diablo 2 resurrected controller to aid you in your battles against the forces of evil.

But which gamepad is optimal for a particular player? We’ll walk you through the best Diablo 2 resurrected controller and discuss who they are most suited for.

Why are the controllers shown as ideal? Diablo 2 behaves differently with the gamepad than with the keyboard. The ABXY keys represent the abilities, and you navigate with the left joystick. You may show a second skill bar by pressing the left shoulder button (LT/L2).

Moreover, controllers with paddles or extra buttons are suggested for this game. These paddles are positioned on the controller's back and may be designed for purposes such as the ABXY buttons. This is more practical and simpler to manage. For instance, if things become rough again, you may swiftly switch to your second bar and use a healing potion or activate the city gateway.

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2

The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is one of the most excellent PC and Xbox controllers available. If you're seeking the best Diablo 2 resurrected controller for PC and Xbox, go no further than the Elite Controller.

The Elite Series 2 comes with a plethora of accessories. In addition, the controller includes a USB charging wire, four paddles, six thumbsticks, a charging station, and two control pads. The strength of the thumbstick may be adjusted using the included tool. A transport box is also included in the delivery scope.

PowerA FUSION Pro 2

Do you want a high-quality controller with paddles but don't want to invest the money immediately on the pricey elite controller? The FUSION Pro 2 from PowerA might be an option for you.

Because, like the Elite controller, the FUSION Pro 2 may be adjusted: The button rings and analog sticks are changeable, and everything is hidden behind a magnetic front panel. In addition, a lever on the rear of the Diablo 2 resurrected controller allows you to change the trigger pull strength to three levels.

Furthermore, the Fusion Pro is a fully approved Xbox controller built on the same intellectual property. The controller, on the other hand, can only be used via cable. 

Razer Wolverine V2

The Razer Wolverine V2 is a wired Xbox Series X | S and PC gaming controller. MeinMMO put the Razer Wolverine V2 through its tests. The controller is really accurate.

The Diablo 2 resurrected controller is comfortable in large hands but uncomfortable in tiny ones. This is mostly due to the controller's assignable special keys being on the back of the device, making them difficult to reach.

Whether you’re an experienced player or a beginner to a Diablo 2 Resurrected, it's always great to know that you're using the best Diablo 2 Resurrected controller possible.

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