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The Xbox One Controller's compatibility and support have grown. Previously, it was only designed for PC gaming. After the launch of the Xbox One S, though, Microsoft began equipping the Xbox One controller with Bluetooth radios. You'll be delighted to know that it works perfectly with Android mobile devices and games.

Most people simply use Bluetooth on Android to play music and transfer files, but it has far more features. You can link the Xbox One Controller to your Android smartphone or tablet through Bluetooth to play games, access apps, and even browse the web.

If you wish to know how to connect and utilize an Xbox One controller with an Android device through Bluetooth, you've come to the right place.

How to Connect an Android to an Xbox One Controller?

Do you dislike touch-screen controls yet want to play games on your Android devices? It is advantageous to know how to connect an Xbox One controller to Android, as many games now accept controllers.

  1. On your Android smartphone, tap Settings. A gear symbol may be used to indicate on the Home screen or in the app drawer.
  1. The Bluetooth settings may be found. Depending on how the device's interface is designed, this may or may not be hidden under a separate category.
  1. If it isn't already, turn on Bluetooth.
  1. Press the Xbox button on the Xbox controller until it turns on. This activates the gadget.
  1. The controller has a tiny USB Micro-B connector and a sync button on the back. Press the sync button as soon as the Xbox button at the top starts to flash. Right now, Bluetooth pairing is active.
  1. Click Bluetooth on your Android smartphone once again.
  1. Your device will find the Bluetooth devices around you. When the Xbox Wireless Controller is selected from the list, tap it to begin pairing the two devices.

Does Android Support The Xbox One Controller?

The Xbox One controller requires Bluetooth when used with Android; however, Google enabled support for it in Android 9 Pie. This feature is unavailable on all models, particularly those that came with the original Xbox One system. The design of the controller will highlight the distinction.

A model has Bluetooth technology if it has a single faceplate that reaches to the Xbox button and back edge. If the Xbox faceplate and button housing are separate, the Xbox One controller lacks Bluetooth capabilities.

It's Not New For Android To Support Controllers

Technically, if your Android device's USB port supports On-The-Go, you can attach any wired controller (OTG). OTG allows USB-based devices such as usb devices, mouse, and keyboards, whereas mobile phones and tablets employ USB Micro-B and USB-C connectors for charging and file transfer to and from a connected PC.

There is no reliable method to determine whether your device supports OTG without looking through its product page, which often contains essential information, or downloading a dubious program. Not all devices have an OTG connection. Additionally, an adapter is required to connect the USB-A male connection on the cable controller to the female Micro-B or USB-C port on the Android smartphone.

However, wireless is still the best option. All controllers, including the Xbox One controller, connect to Android via Bluetooth as a standard. The Microsoft attachment connects to the Xbox One and certain PCs via proprietary Wi-Fi tech, but it changes to Bluetooth for all other gadgets. Even if better controllers are available for mobile gaming, this is a handy tip.

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