Custom controller

If you're a gamer, you need a high-quality custom controller to play your favorite games. We know this since our staff is made up of enthusiastic XBox gamers. As a result, we discovered a void in the market for custom Xbox controllers and Xbox Series X controller colors for this platform. Because of this, we decided not to wait for the competition, but rather, to act on our own initiative. What were the results? We'll let you know right away.  

A Custom XBOX Controller

For gamers who use consoles like XBox, we saw that there was a severe lack of solutions that would allow them to maximize their gaming experience and, at the same time, boost their performance by purchasing their own customized modified Xbox Series X controller. What exactly does this process of game optimization entail? With Dream Controller, you're able to customize your gear in two ways: the way it looks, and the exact functionality it has. In terms of appearance, you may select from a variety of options, or you can choose for a customized Xbox Series X controller colors that has a unique design. 

XBox controllers that have already been designed

No need to build your own Xbox Series X controller when we have pre-designed models available in a wide range of color options and features, just purchase one from our store. There is no better option if you want high-quality equipment than Dream Controller's pre designed Xbox Series X controller colors!


From the beginning, we create the remote of your dreams. Custom settings are available for all controller face buttons, d-pad, thumb sticks, bumpers, triggers, battery packs and side rails after choosing a platform. Before you place an order, you will be able to see precisely what your device will look like. Please feel free to share any thoughts or suggestions you may have with us and on Xbox series X controller colors


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Nintendo Switch

In order to accommodate players of all hand sizes, the custom Xbox One controllers have a user-oriented design, sensitive triggers, and a redesigned d-pad for smooth character movement.