How to Stream on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S

How to Stream on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S

There are a lot of requirements to become a streamer, so getting started might be challenging. Streaming requires a significant time investment, including the acquisition of hardware, configuration of a Twitch channel, installation of required software, and more. Fortunately, however, if you're using wireless Xbox controllers or Xbox Series X/S to stream, you may skip over some of these requirements altogether.

Microsoft was smart to include built-in support for Twitch streaming on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S consoles. In this article, we'll show you how to broadcast from your Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S without having to buy a separate game capture card.

Gaining a large following on Twitch rapidly may be accomplished by following these steps. You may find out by using Lightstream Studio 2.

The Xbox One Guide to Live Streaming on Twitch

Those who are interested may broadcast games from their wireless Xbox controllers machine without any further work being required. The following procedures should be followed in order to stream content from your Xbox One:

  • First, go over to the Xbox Store and download the Twitch Xbox app. Next, sign up for an account on Twitch. There isn't much room needed on your console for this free program, since it just needs around 100 MB. Once the app has completely downloaded and been installed, you will be able to access it immediately from the home screen of your smartphone.
  • In order to begin streaming games to your wireless Xbox controllers, you must first turn on this feature. Simply go to your Xbox One's Preferences menu, then to the Connections menu, and finally to the Broadcast your Game option. If you have this feature activated on your Xbox One Kinect sensor, you may also instruct Cortana to broadcast your game by saying "Hey Cortana."
  • Establishing a Link Between Your Twitch and Xbox Accounts. The next thing you need to do is connect your Xbox One console to your Twitch account so that you may stream games. To accomplish this, open the Xbox One app and go to Settings > Twitch, where you can enter your login details. After logging in, you'll be able to adjust several aspects of your broadcast, from the bitrate to the cameras available.
  • You should start streaming on Twitch and doing some tests now that everything is ready to go. Pressing the Xbox button on your wireless Xbox controllers will let you browse to Broadcast & capture > Broadcast > Start Broadcasting after you have started the game you desire to broadcast. Your Twitch broadcast has been made public. Make sure everything is operating correctly by having a friend or family member verify your stream before you go live.
  • To further modify your broadcast layout than the Twitch client allows, we suggest giving Lightstream a try. Lightstream allows you to make your own notifications, stream skins, and more!

It's important for new Twitch streamers to seek feedback on their first broadcast. You should have a buddy watch your broadcast and offer you comments on the technical aspects of it, such as the volume, the picture quality, and the amount of delay between the two. Perfecting the fundamentals of your broadcast, such as the visual and audio quality, is crucial since a lack of attention may be lost on viewers much more quickly than with technical glitches. Problems with wireless Xbox controllers might arise from a variety of sources, including the program or game you're streaming as well as hardware components like the microphone.

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