Xbox Sea of Thieves Controller: How to Use it

xbox sea of thieves controller

Sea of Thieves will soon set sail on the high seas of adventure for Xbox One and Windows 10 users. The release date is drawing near. Even though we want to have a good time, there are a few things that we must keep in mind when we are racing about hunting for hidden riches, navigating big waves on the high seas, and fighting with swords against skeletons and other pirates. To be of assistance, we have compiled a comprehensive tutorial detailing all of the Xbox Sea of Thieves Controller and Windows 10 platforms.

How to Use the Xbox Sea of Thieves Controller

On Land

The Xbox Sea of Thieves Controller is designed to allow you to quickly interact with things, cycle weapons, and move while exploring the islands for wealth. Whether you use a keyboard or a gamepad, interacting and cooperating with your buddies on land differs. PC gamers may swap between a gamepad and keyboard and mouse while playing.

While on land (or at sea), your Main Use functionality is determined by what you have equipped, such as a pistol or a spyglass—if you have a gun, you will fire a shot; if you have a spyglass, you will raise your eye. You may determine your attire by checking at the bottom of your screen. To access the Item Radial, press LB on the controller or Q on the keyboard.

Speaking of things and keyboard and mouse gamers, you can bring up an item radial and rapidly choose them with the number keys from 1 to 0. Controller gamers may also assign things to spare keys on the controller, such as a banana on the left D-Pad.

You'll fight skeletons and competing pirates with swords and pistols on land. The Y button on your controller cycles among weapons, while the 1 & 2 keys and Mouse Wheel do the same for keyboard and mouse players.

Lastly, you step foot on land to seek hidden riches. Depending on the complexity or ambiguity of the puzzle, you may require teamwork to find it. It involves communication, map-consulting, clue-finding, and digging. Count your paces accurately, too.

On Sea

The game involves traversing the ocean—the Sea of Thieves. Your function aboard depends on the personnel (and how many more folks are on board). If you're in command of your ship, you're responsible for every component.

Once you're on board, decide what part you'll play. Where's the crow's nest? Who's sailing? These are all crucial responsibilities to keep your ship going, so ensure your crew learns and excels at them. Suppose there's a duty you genuinely desire, speak out directly, via text chat, or through Pirate Chat. Sea of Thieves supports text-to-speech and speech-to-text so that it can hear you.

Congratulations on maintaining your sails! Your ship's blood. The X button on your device (F on the keyboard) connects with the sail line, and the left thumbstick controls the angle and trimming of the sails to capture the maximum wind. When dealing with the rope on a PC, these keys are W, A, S, and D. Once you've cut your sails, hit B or F to let go and see if you can aid with other ship pieces. 

Once you're at the helm, other factors matter. Once you gain control of the ship, you are in command of the wheel. Therefore, your companions must check the map on the middle deck (down the first set of stairs) to confirm your direction is right. A gamepad may replace a PC's keyboard and mouse.

Throughout your journeys, you'll need to check the Map Table. The Xbox Sea of Thieves Controller map is easy to use. The crew's map readers must find the correct island for your mission. The sea is packed with hostile pirates and well-armed ships. Therefore, a well-tuned team is essential. In combat, maintain loaded cannons, position your ship to fire (and avoid fire), and repair damage. You may need a bucket to control floods to prevent sinking.

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