Which Xbox One Controller Is The Best?

Which Xbox One Controller Is The Best?

You may not be aware, but gaming controllers are now at their prime. Compared to gamepads from only a few console generations ago, those on the market now are higher quality, more functional, and more individualized. The Xbox One controller may now be chosen from a range, and if you play on an Xbox and a Windows PC, the same choice applies to both platforms. 

So let's assume you like the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S as your gaming console. Which option is ideal for you? Experts examined a wide range of devices to determine which Xbox One controller is available. However, the main goal is to advise you on what to purchase from the current regular inventory. These categories may assist you in narrowing your options and finding the perfect product for you.

Nacon Revolution X

Although RIG's Nacon Revolution X may win a prize for the worst name, its genuine virtues lie in its extensive customizability. This controller is for you if you like fiddling around with many intricate settings for hours on end. Although Revolution X and its extra features are expensive, the cost seems more reasonable compared to its rivals.

The Revolution X is simple and subdued when you pick it up. It's not a looker, but it is a controller of the form follows function kind. Furthermore, the four back buttons integrated into the grips are significant and have a beautiful curve, making it comfortable to operate. However, the real stars of this show are the customizable software for the analog sticks and the vast array of custom choices for the controller's other internal components.

Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller

Due to Microsoft's exclusive wireless protocol, this is the only available, inexpensive wireless alternative. Its use of AA batteries rather than a built-in rechargeable cell may annoy some people, but it also makes it adaptable since it allows for rechargeable AAs or a battery pack. With a USB-C connection, it also functions as a wired accessory, and the user-replaceable batteries ensure that you won't be left with a controller that loses its charge after years of usage.

Scuf Instinct Pro

The back buttons of the Instinct Pro are distinctive. Instead of paddles, the controller has four rocker-like buttons that you press with your middle finger to move toward or away from your hand. However, getting used to them requires mental training.

Despite having rear buttons, the Scuf's hair triggers are its standout feature since they respond the fastest of all the controllers we tested. The left and right triggers can feel like you're clicking a mouse by simply flicking a switch on the rear. This controller is much more enjoyable to use with the hair triggers, back buttons, and well-textured grip material on the controller's bottom.

Microsoft Xbox Elite Series 2

The fancy, expensive upgrade to the standard controller is Microsoft's Xbox Elite Series 2 controller. It was also launched a year before the Xbox Series X and S consoles, making it older. So, while having a USB-C connector and wireless compatibility, it is missing the valuable Share button seen on the most recent Xbox Wireless Controller. 

However, the outstanding build quality, additional controls, user-swappable sticks and D-pad, and extensive customizability make up for that. Picking up an Xbox Elite controller reveals the superior materials used in its construction. The Elite controller combines higher-quality plastic with rubberized grips and small pieces of metal, in contrast to the primary controller's simple plastic construction.

PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller

PowerA's Enhanced Wired Controller delivers an unbeatable bargain without making too many compromises if you're searching for a superb controller but don't have much money to spend or don't mind a wire. Although the total retail cost is $37.99, certain hues may be found for as little as $25. 

Speaking of colors, the Enhanced Wired Controller is available in a broad range of shades and patterns, including ones officially licensed by video game series like Mass Effect and Fallout. When you use the controller, you could be pleasantly surprised by its quality despite some of these designs leading you to believe they are shoddy, unattractive knockoffs.

Are you trying to figure out which Xbox One controller would be best for you? Now, you are then at the right place. Despite the wide range of available controllers, picking the one with the box is simple. You may get inexpensive primary controllers and ones with great functionality and appealing buttons.

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