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What Xbox One Controllers Have Bluetooth?

What Xbox One Controllers Have Bluetooth?

Xbox is an intriguing video game device that supports a variety of games. Some Xbox One controllers support Bluetooth connectivity, while others do not. These features differ based on the Xbox console model being used.

Furthermore, Xbox gaming is engaging due to the console's unique characteristics. The controllers included with these systems are meant to improve the gaming experience. However, gamers are unsure of which controllers feature Bluetooth and wireless connectivity.

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Which Xbox One Controller Has Bluetooth?

1537, 1697, and 1708 Xbox One controller models have Bluetooth capabilities. However, only one of the three—1708—has a built-in BT connection, making it easy to use on smartphones, computers, and smart TVs. The 1537 model may be identified by the words "Day One 2013" prominently etched on the front. Furthermore, the 1708 model resembles it strikingly. The ability of Bluetooth controllers to operate wirelessly eliminates the need to deal with cables, which may be difficult, particularly for novices. To educate you, this section explains Xbox controllers' key features and how their Bluetooth connection works.

The Xbox One controller could be the most comfortable gamepads available. Some players may be tempted to utilize them on other gaming platforms. One of the features that make Xbox controllers so helpful is Bluetooth connection. However, the Xbox controller's Bluetooth connection varies depending on your chosen version.

You must use modern Xbox controllers with older software versions since they lack this capability. If the guide button on a controller is made of the same material as the shoulder triggers, then it is likely an older model that cannot connect to Bluetooth.

However, if it is made of the same plastic as the controller's front, Bluetooth connectivity is possible. You may check the model number inside the battery compartment if you are still unclear about the one you are using. Whether your Xbox One controller connects to Bluetooth or not depends on the version you are using.

What Xbox One Controllers Generation Has Bluetooth?

In 2013, the first batch of Xbox wireless controllers were introduced. This variant lacked both a headphone port and Bluetooth. In 2015, the second generation of Xbox wireless controllers was introduced with the Xbox One Elite Controllers. The upgraded model included a headphone port on the bottom of the controller, which was not included in the prior generation. Later on, third generation controllers with Bluetooth connection and other capabilities were released.

Third Generation Of Xbox One Controller

The third generation of Xbox wireless controllers were manufactured from 2016 until the end of 2020 when they were replaced by the controllers included with the Xbox Series X and S. In 2016, they were packaged with the Xbox One S, while in 2017, they were included with the Xbox One X. Similarly, Xbox Design Lab controllers used this approach.

The third generation of Xbox Wireless controllers includes Bluetooth compatibility as well as improved thumbsticks and triggers. Bluetooth compatibility allows these controllers to be used without an adapter on Windows 10 computers. Some controllers were just remakes of prior generations, but with the 2016 versions' enhanced functionality.

Here are a few examples of third-generation Xbox One controllers with built-in Bluetooth connection.

  • Gears of War James Dominic Fenix
  • White (2016)
  • Black (2016)
  • Blue
  • Dawn Shadow
  • Gears of War Crimson Omen
  • Storm Gray
  • Deep Blue
  • Military Green
  • Volcano Shadow
  • Minecraft Pig

What If You Have A First-Generation Xbox One Controller?

If you have a first-generation Xbox controller, you must purchase an attachment to connect to Bluetooth. For example, the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows 10 duplicates the radio frequency module of the Xbox One.

This permits wireless connection of up to eight Xbox controllers to a single PC. This connection is essential, particularly when playing online games with pals. If you prefer to use headphones, you may also connect them to the Xbox controller.

Xbox is an exciting video gaming device that supports a variety of games. Some Xbox One controllers support Bluetooth connectivity, while others do not. Bluetooth controllers may operate wirelessly, eliminating the need to deal with cables, which might be difficult for beginners. 

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