The Star of the Next-Gen Show – Xbox Series X Elite Is Your Ideal Console

xbox series x elite

The Xbox Series X Elite has turned out be the most powerful console in 2021. With twice the processing power of the Xbox One, the Xbox Series X console can support up to 120FPS. Now is the time to get an immersive gaming experience with true-to-life 4K resolution.

Plan 2021 with a new gaming arena especially optimized for Xbox Series X

The bigger sibling to the Xbox Series S is here with more powerful hardware built and a new Navi- graphics architecture. The Xbox Series X Elite is specifically designed to eliminate longer load time problems faced by professional gamers earlier. It gets you inside the gaming world with just one click. With lesser load time performance, this has truly brought the biggest generational leap in the entire Xbox console history.

New Optimization Features in Xbox Series X

Now is the time to explore a whole new host of exciting games optimized for the Xbox Series X consoles. You can experience improved graphics, better visuals, unparalleled load-times and steadier frame-rates.

Here’s the entire list of games supporting smart delivery features:

What are Smart Delivery upgrades?

Xbox Series X smart delivery optimization gives you a free upgrade on previously bought Xbox One games. This means if you purchased the Xbox One Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla game, you can get a free upgraded version of the Xbox Series X.

Confirmed games on Xbox Series X

Now is the time to grab the gameplays available in Xbox Series X games. Select your next adventure of gaming with a new online Xbox game. There are endless game releases available online on the Xbox Series X such as:

Cyberpunk 2077

When you live in a sprawling city filled with glamor, you can learn to play as a professional. Now is the time to take on the riskiest job and steal the implant for immortality.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Lead the way as the fierce Viking warrior into the farmlands of England. Get ready for a whole new settlement build-up and acquire the hostile lands in Valhalla.

Watch Dogs Legion

Learn to win back the whole of London with Xbox Series X game controllers. Now you can recruit players from the population to make the most of the DedSec’s mastery of technology.


Step into the unknown world while you discover a whole new planet of Enoch with extraordinary hostility. The diverse world is open to explore with new gunplay features and a whole new arsenal of gear sets and weapons.

Xbox Series X Controller Range

Dream Controller’s online catalogue is fully-equipped with our carefully sculpted game controller range. You can find modded controllers with personalized designs for enhanced comfort to gamers. When it comes to effortless control during ongoing gameplay, you need the new hybrid D-Pad features along with the new and improved textured grip.

New game controller design impressions

From expert hands-on testing of all the Xbox game consoles, we have poured the learning into new designs of the Xbox Series X controller. Have a look at the biggest takeaways in new Xbox Series X Elite controllers:

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Matte finish

New D-Pad with finely tuned angles

USB-C port for charging

Bluetooth low energy connectivity

Dot pattern on the bumpers and triggers


Buy exciting new accessories with the Xbox Series X controller

Dual Charging Station

To keep the action going for game play, the dual charging station can charge up to 2 controllers together. It gives 40 hours of endless gaming after a full charge.

Play and Charge Kit

A new way to have uninterrupted gameplay is with a fully charged Xbox Series X controller. The play and charge kit allows you to charge while playing, or on standby. The rechargeable battery can charge optimally in less than 4 hours. Keep the action going and say goodbye to interrupted gameplay.

Wrapping Up!

Power your dreams with the new Xbox Series X controllers

Experience the next-gen gaming performance with the recently-launched designs in Xbox Series X Elite controllers. Now is the time to go all-digital with the most powerful Xbox console and controller finely tuned to deliver the ultimate gaming experience.

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