Bluetooth Game Controller: Six Effective Strategies to Improve Your Gaming Skills

bluetooth game controller

When searching for gaming tips, you will come across quite obvious ones, while a couple of them will be useless.  Here are some interesting and new gaming strategies for the gamer in you to try.  Now is the time to get an edge on the competition, especially when playing multiplayer games on PlayStation or Xbox.  These tips will help the perfect gameplay for all online games compatible with Xbox controllers, like the Bluetooth game controller.

Simple Gaming Strategies that can Make a Huge Difference

  1. Turn down the game music and raise the SFX Volume

Did you know that your brain is multitasking when you are on the run to save your character’s life?  This hampers concentration power as the brain is actually listening to the music, when it should be concentrating solely on the game!  It is all about concentration and focus levels when you are in the gaming ‘zone’ and using a Bluetooth game controller.  So, the earlier you turn off the music, the better!  Nothing should distract you or make you hum along when your brain is trying to get hold of the game controller.

It’s better to turn up the sound effects as it helps to alert your reflexes, while giving you an extra sense to gauge your actions.  What works best for a gamer is wearing high quality headphones. 

  1. Increase the screen brightness

This one facet is yet unknown to many Xbox and PlayStation games.  There’s no point struggling in a dark or muddled screenplay when you can let the colors flow out at high contrast levels.  Turning up the brightness doesn’t just uplift your mood; it also helps you to keep an eagle-eye.  The goal is to spot someone before they spot you and high quality screen colors help your brain easily identify danger, making it easier to defeat the opponent.

  1. Get a customized modded Bluetooth game controller for perfection

PlayStation and Xbox have introduced many games that let you tinker with the a controller like the Bluetooth game controller layout.   Now is the time to spare a few minutes to explore good game controller options.  Get in-game to refine all the options and receive personalized game controllers, just in time for the gaming season 2021.

  1. Watch videos of expert gamers playing

There’s a lot to learn from gamers playing on streamed videos or YouTube.  The idea here is to see them dealing with various situations.  This way, you can discover a whole new set of strategies and anticipate all the moves, before it strikes you.

  1. Exercises to strengthen your hand muscles

Your gaming skills rely majorly on hand and wrist muscles.  Here’s why you should start working on strengthening hand and wrist muscles.

The games usually last for ten minutes to half an hour, and sometimes more than ten hours!  You are more likely to feel the strain in the hand muscles.  This may affect your gaming skills and ideally strengthening your hand muscles will make them more reflexive and reactive, thus preventing you from feeling exhausted.  Start with certain exercises:

         - Tennis ball squeeze - three times a day.
         - Thumb opposition - three repetitions for each finger.
         - Finger abduction - ten times, with a ten second pause in between.
         - Finger and wrist stretches - repeatedly after every gaming session. 

  1. Cut down on alcohol, sugar and caffeine

Having a birthday bash at your place?  Bring in some beers, candy and alcohol to lighten up the vibe.  But when it comes to winning and not fun time, let your friends stick to the alcohol and snacks while you ace the best shot on the perfect body’s equilibrium.  Alcohol may leave your body with high nervous levels and sugar makes your body digestion slower.  The worst is, it affects your nervous system and fluctuates insulin levels.

Practice, practice and practice!

If you want to stand a chance at winning games with a Bluetooth game controller, it’s time to slow down and practice spot-on techniques.  The process remains effortless, and let every muscle, fibre and sinew sync in complete harmony with your brain too be in the winning zone!

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