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xbox one controller on PC

Since xbox is a Microsoft product, an Xbox one controller may be easily supported by a Windows PC. Thanks to the plug-and-play functionality, it is simple to connect your Xbox One controller and get going with little to no further settings. With the Xbox Series X release, you can now afford to get one of the finest controllers for PC gaming. After the release of the Xbox One, Microsoft updated its controller, improving the feel of its bumpers and adding Bluetooth functionality.


You won't need any additional software for your PC (or most games) to instantly identify your pad since Windows already has a driver. So what exactly is the purpose of a guide?


There are a few methods to connect the Xbox One controller wirelessly, and there are a few things you should be aware of about the various controller models and how they will function with your PC.


The Xbox One Controller

If you don't mind a rope, using a wired Xbox one controller on a PC is as easy. Your micro-USB cable should be inserted into the controller and a USB port on your computer. The Xbox Guide button in the middle should light up when Windows has installed the required driver, and you can start using it.


How To Connect An Xbox Controller To A Windows PC

We've created this straightforward, step-by-step instruction to assist you in playing all of your favorite PC games with your preferred Xbox one controller. You should be aware that there are three methods to accomplish this: wireless, Bluetooth, and USB before we start. Additionally, ensure sure your controller has the most recent firmware.


How To Use USB To Connect Your Xbox One Controller

Here's how to use a USB cable to connect your Xbox one controller:


Step 1: Connect your Xbox One controller to your PC using a micro USB cord.


Step 2: Use your charging cord if you have a wireless controller.


Step 3: To connect a wired controller, plug it in as you would a console.


How To Use A Wireless Adaptor To Connect Your Xbox One Controller

You may also use a wireless adaptor to connect your Xbox One controller. This is how:


Step 1: Purchase the Xbox Wireless Adapter.


Step 2: Connect your PC's open USB port to the Xbox Wireless Adapter. Complete the adapter setup procedure as described here.


Step 3: Press the Guide button (the Xbox logo) on your controller to activate it.


Step 4: Press and hold the Sync button (the little button to the right of LB) on the controller's top until the Xbox logo blinks.


Step 5: Press and hold the adapter's tiny sync button. While looking for the pair, the Guide button will flash more rapidly. You're ready to begin when the Xbox logo on the controller stops blinking and becomes solid.


How To Use Bluetooth To Connect Your Xbox One Controller

Since they are Bluetooth compatible, you don't need cables or adapters to connect with specific Xbox One controllers. Look at the logo to see whether you have access to Bluetooth. The plastic around the Xbox logo will be connected to the central controller body on Bluetooth-enabled Xbox controllers. Yes, that is how you can tell. We apologize if this isn't the case; you're out of luck.


The good news is that Bluetooth-enabled controllers are included with the Xbox One S, and the two are offered together. A reasonable rule of thumb is that your controller probably has Bluetooth connectivity if you purchased it in August 2016. Consider the examples in the pictures below.


Step 1: Select Devices under Settings on your computer.


Step 2: Choose the Bluetooth settings option to make sure your Bluetooth is turned on. Keep browsing this menu.


Step 3: Press and hold the Guide and Sync buttons simultaneously on your controller. The logo should begin to flicker quite quickly.


Step 4: Choose Add Bluetooth or Other Device on your PC, then click Bluetooth. By doing this, you tell your computer to look for your controller.


Step 5: Select Xbox Wireless Controller to finish the pairing procedure when your PC discovers your controller, and it appears.


The Xbox gamepad is just too convenient to be beaten as a controller for a PC. The Xbox one controller is an obvious option and one of the most OK PC controllers if you want a dead easy plug-and-play experience.

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