MHA DEKU Xbox Series X Controller | Bullet Xbox Buttons

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MHA DEKU Xbox Series X Bullet Controller | Bullet Xbox Buttons

Immerse yourself further into the gaming world with this MHA DEKU-inspired custom design Bullet Xbox Controller. We offer excellent custom designs to allow gamers of all ages to personalize their gaming experience & accessories. Each & every controller is 100% authentic.

Sometimes a standard controller gets boring, or you may want to add bullet buttons to your custom controller! Regardless, adding a bullet Xbox controller to your Xbox Series X or Xbox One controller in place of the A, B, X, and Y buttons is sure to make your controller one of a kind. Your friends won't be able to resist checking out your controller and pressing the bullet buttons a thousand times. They go great with war controller designs as well!


    • Real Bullet Casings as buttons & snuggly fit analog sticks
    • Completely compatible with Xbox One S/X consoles, Xbox Series X, & Windows 10.
    • The Bullet Xbox Controller provides great & dynamic features, which include haptic feedback that's all integrated into an iconic & comfortable design.
    • Each & every design is applied to a 100% authentic controller. 
    • No risk, no worries. We offer a hassle-free way of returning or having any controller repaired through a 30-day guarantee. 
    • Adding a set of bullet buttons gives your controller a one-of-a-kind look. You'll make all your friends jealous when they check out your Bullet Xbox Controller, and it has real 9MM bullet casings in place of the A, B, X, and Y buttons.
    • Each bullet button set is hand-made using real 9MM spent bullet casings. The bullet casings are hand-selected and polished to give them a brand new shine. The bullet casing brand that each set is made with will vary.
    • With the included tools, installation is easy. Disassemble the necessary parts of your Bullet Xbox Controller, remove the original A, B, X, and Y buttons, drop in your new bullet buttons, and reassemble your controller! Installation takes about 1 hour.
    • This kit includes the Torx T8 security screwdriver, Torx T6 standard screwdriver, plastic prying tool required for installation, and replacement screws in case a screw is lost during installation.

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