Apex Bangalore Xbox Series X Controller

Immerse yourself further into the gaming world with this Bangalore inspired custom design for the great Xbox Series X controller. We offer great custom designs to truly allow gamers of all ages to personalize their gaming experience & accessories. Each & every controller is 100% authentic, but we do offer mod-chip installation as an option while keeping the already great standard features.

✅   Completely compatible with Xbox One S/X consoles, Xbox Series X, & Windows 10.

✅  The Xbox Series X controller provides great & dynamic features which includes adaptive triggers, built-in microphone & haptic feedback thats all integrated into an iconic & comfortable design.

✅  Each & every design applied to a 100% authentic controller. We also have options for a mod chip installation but all authentic features remain the same.

✅  No risk, no worries. We offer a hassle-free way of returning or having any controller repaired through a 30 day guarantee. 

  • The standard time for shipping & handling is 3 days for both modded and non-modded versions.
Disclaimer-Due to the custom nature of these controllers' shipping and handling, times may vary. Also please know that times may vary due to COVID 19 shipping restrictions.
  • *Final design might slightly vary from what is shown
Regular price $114.99