PS5: Face-Off with the World’s Most Popular Consoles

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The lockdown period couldn’t have been worse if you had to suffer from buffering issues, especially if you are born a player!

The kid in us is yet to feel alive with the new PlayStation 5 launch in the entertainment industry. When it comes to the ultimate gaming experience, binge-watching, listening to music or watching television, the PlayStation 5 is going to be the all-in-one solution this year.

Gone are the analogue technology days; 2021 is all about revolutionary PS5 consoles in the new era of home entertainment and social interactions.

Are you intrigued to know if the PS5 controller can work without a battery?

Unlike other game console controllers that need batteries, the PS5 works on a rechargeable battery. You can recharge it quickly with a micro USB cable. The Dual Shock discharges itself from the charging source, especially in games with motor functions.

Still in a dilemma about using a PS4 account for a PS5?

It takes a few minutes to get started with the PlayStation 5 console. Make sure you have connected the PS5 game controller to the game console while logging in with your previous PS-N account credentials. You can use the manual sign-in option to log in with credentials, which is your email address and password.

Data transfer from PS4 to PS5: is it possible?

The PS-N account that you transfer to PS5 takes with it your entire games library, rewards, friends list and more. You can access the PS5 version of games with better features but, some PS4/5 titles do not support cross-saving.

Wondering if it’s worth upgrading to the PS5?

Now is the time to bring the latest technology and PS4 is still an excellent choice in 2021 to keep you glued to the gaming screen for hours. Perhaps, the graphical-intensive PS5 games are more worth it, especially when it comes to beating the odds in your favor in the gaming arena.

PS5: design features

The Sony PS5 launch is here with a complete new overhaul including an appealing white design and faceplates on both the ends, making it easier to adjust in cabinets.

PS5: technical features

What makes the PS5 read-write speeds out of this world is the Ultra HD Bluray adaptable optical drive. Gamers can purchase digital copies of PS5 games and the built-in SSD supports great storage speed. The PS5 is the first console in PlayStation series to use a Solid State Drive (SSD), giving it the ultimate boost to run heavy games with high processing capability.

PS5: latest updates

The PlayStation series is more than just gaming now. The built-in PVR allows you to playback and record, and the AMD GPU is capable of 4K at 120 FPS. The commendable stellar light and reflection effects, and the 3D audio, make it highly-compatible with all the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR games.

Compatible games and accessories

The PlayStation series is filled with more than 3,000 games you will love to play, especially on PS5, including:

1. Spider Man

2. God of War

3. Bloodborne

4. Grand Theft Auto V, and more.

Storage specifications

PlayStation 5 is the ultimate upgraded version of PS4 and others in series. It offers a storage capacity of up to 825GB, including space for apps, games, data, media and more.

PS5 game controllers

Another amazing feature in PS5 is its next-gen game controller. It may look a lot like an Xbox controller from the back but its dual sense controller and different array of colors are what makes it outperform the whole game pad series.

PS5 DualSense: the next-gen controller is a big win!

Undeniably, the DualSense innovation in PS5 controllers is going to sweep you off feet, especially when it comes with awesome designs and functions. The feedback is astounding PS5 players, taking them to a whole new gaming experience.