Best PS4 Games 2020: List of the Four Must-Play PlayStation 4 Games

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Since the launch of Play Station 4 in 2013, there have been many gaming experiences that you have missed out on. The PS5 has kicked off with new and exciting games but we just cannot forget what PS4 games brought to all the gamers - excitement, excitement and more excitement!

How to Select the Best PS4 Games

There’s no trick for coming up with the best PS4 games. The decision entirely depends on the game genres you prefer. It could be action/adventure or open-world elements. You have to decide whether you want to pick a first-person or third-person game among all the weekend party exclusives.

We want you to spend more time killing-off enemies and less time browsing the games. Here’s our curated list of PS4 games that cater for all tastes.

Apex Legends

This surely stands to be a legend in the making, especially when you have a Dualshock game controller. The fun, fluid gameplay plot makes it one of the best deals on internet today. You will find its ingenious ping system and stellar line-up of personalities worth investing in. Being a pro-gamer, you may find the need to refine some weapons in the game. Apex Legends has turned out to be a great contender vying for the battle royal crown. This squad-based shooter plot brings teams of three against 57 players, who altogether try to loot and survive ‘til the last. Apex Legends is truly a class for lovers of PUBG as it brings unique characters. Fall in love with the perfect battle royal game and get onboard for a free, dynamic gaming experience.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey

This plot is the newest addition to the series of epic Assassin’s Creed RPG franchise. With the ongoing Peloponnesian War, the characters try to uncover the history and truth. You can feel yourself being immersed into the Ancient Greek turbulence. Gamers are going to find the graphics exceptionally stunning. You get a whole new world to explore with this game on the PS4 console. The enthralling story plot will take you inside the heart of Ancient Greece. The reason it stands out among all the other PlayStation 4 games is because gamers look out for the next chapter; there’s going to be more than 100 hours of content to play.

Battlefield 1

If are not a huge fan of Call of Duty, Battlefield 1 is an exceptional choice for the first-person shooter. Step inside the time of World War One and this set up is what makes the game stand apart. Explore a whole new gaming world with a series of vehicles, weapons and level designs to be immersed in the war field. Single players are going to set a whole new standard when playing on front line locations. Game one is for a relentlessly exciting combat gaming world with Battlefield 1.


The hunt is going to begin with the stylistically-interesting era in Bloodborne. The difficulty mode is hidden when you get your hands on the game controller to play this series. Make sure you have more than the current patience level to make victory even more rewarding. Remember the three-step mode to ace this PS4 game:

Watch your enemy.

Memorize his attack patterns.

Strike at the opportune moment.

Jump into the entertaining virtual gaming world with PS4

PS4 has certainly brought a captivating masterpiece, especially when played with custom gamepads and game controllers. Now is the time to trump every PS4 game released for this generation. Gamers, let’s exceeds the boundaries of games – Game ON!


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